Revival Painting's Top 3 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

1. Clean your gutters

Once most of the leaves have fallen it's time to clean out those gutters! If gutters get backed up, they will overflow, and when they overflow, that water runs down your home, speeding up the deterioration of your exterior. It can also lead to deterioration of your foundation, water infiltration in the basement and to settling under your concrete porches and walks, which can cause all kinds of problems.

2. Seal any leaks

Windows and doors can have drafts and air leaks causing cold air to sneak into your home during the cold winter months. Sealing these gaps will not only keep your home warm, but will save you money on your energy bill. There are many options available to help seal the leaks you may find including caulking around the exterior and interior of windows, using weather strips to seal gaps, and covering windows with window film.


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